How to make a sweet tree

Follow our guide on how to make a sweet tree with our DIY kits!

Our do it yourself sweet tree kits give you everything you need to create a beautiful and tasty treat for your friends and family!

We’ve done all of the hard work, cementing the wooden doweling rod into the pot and making a hole in the ball. Now, all you need to do is buy your sweets of choice and then follow the instructions below!

Assembling your kit

  1. Use the protective gloves provided to help stop finger prints being left on your sweets and to keep everything clean!
  2. Slot the ball onto the wooden rod using the pre-cut hole in the ball.
  3. Take the sheet of tissue paper, unfold it and place on top of the ball, folding it down and around to cover all of the ball. Gather the ends of the tissue paper and secure it with a length of ribbon.
    1. The remaining tissue paper can be scrunched up and used to fill up the pot and cover the cement in the bottom of the pot. 

Adding the sweets!

  1. We have provided approximately 100 cocktail sticks in your kit. Most sweets/candy can be secured to the tree using these sticks and in some cases, it’s a good idea to break the sticks in half.
  2. Push one end of the cocktail stick into your sweet of choice and push the other end into the ball.
  3. Get creative and repeat this process until the ball is completely covered in your sweets. 

Useful tips

  1. When positioning each sweet, try and make a pattern and keep them as close together as possible.
  2. Try to reduce the amount of gaps as this will improve the look of the sweet tree and impress your friends and family!
  3. If you using lollipops, use a cocktail stick to make a hole in the ball first, and then insert your lollipop. 


This is NOT intended as a toy. This is craft item. 

Please follow these instructions to ensure you create a safe product. As sweet trees are constructed using cocktail sticks, they are not suitable for children under the age of 3, due to the small parts, and children of all other ages should be supervised when constructing or removing the sweets.